March 19, 2013 – When it comes to body contouring there are several cosmetic surgery procedures available as well as new ones being developed seemingly every few months. The most common procedure in the fight against cellulite is probably liposuction. But new twists on that popular procedure are popping up, and VASERsmooth seems to be the current popular pairing with liposuction.

A recent news report from CBS Miami stated that many cosmetic surgeons are using VASERsmooth alone or in conjunction with liposuction as a supposedly permanent form of body contouring and fat removal.

When used with liposuction, the VASERsmooth cannula is inserted in the small incisions after liposuction is performed. Ultrasound vibrations emitted from the cannula inserted beneath the skin break apart cellulite and the bands of fiber that form the unattractive areas of fat, according to the report. The cannula then heats the skin, smoothing out dimples and skin irregularities caused by the pockets of cellulite. The loosened and liquefied fat is then flushed naturally from the body.

The report says some cosmetic surgeons claim VASERsmooth results are permanent, although full results may not be seen for a few months. Possible side effects include redness, swelling, bruising and risk of infection. The current average cost of a VASERsmooth treatment is around $3,000.

As with any new cosmetic surgery procedure, time will tell if the treatment lives up to the hype. You may want to wait before trying new procedures, and at the very least, always consult with only board-certified cosmetic surgeons about your options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and expect good answers.

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