Does CoolSculpting Work? Is This Weight Loss Solution For You?

One of the many goals of individuals is to lose weight. Many have tried popular fad diets, surgery and a variety of fitness routines. While some have been successful with these weight-loss strategies, others have failed. Now there is another new way for individuals to try to lose weight - CoolSculpting. More than 7,000 patients have tried CoolSculpting and have had at least a 20% reduction in fat reduction in their targeted area(s).

Advantages Of Cool Sculpting

CoolSculpting does not require surgery, anesthesia or hospitalization. This new weight-loss procedure is quickly gaining popularity as it has been stated to be quick and painless. It has also been stated that it is safe and a suggested alternative to liposuction. While many have tried this procedure for weight-loss, it is not suggested for those who are obese. It is more for individuals who are healthy and wish to remove fatty areas from their body.

How It Works

So how exactly does CoolSculpting work? It is said to be a simple and painless process. CoolSculpting uses a cooling technology that targets fatty areas and fatty cells. The applicator is set at near freezing temperatures as it is applied to the fatty areas which shrink the cells and make them disappear. Each process can take between one to two hours. Individuals may decide to have more procedures as needed. Patients may feel some discomfort as their skin comes in contact with the cold temperatures, but usually disappears within a few minutes. Individuals can resume their normal daily activities after receiving treatment, as there is no need to have healing time after the process has finished.

Possible Side Effects

There are only a few side-effects to CoolSculpting. Most side effects include some discomfort during the application time, redness for a few minutes or even hours, temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness and a temporary loss of sensation.

Results In 21 Days

The reason that CoolSculpting has claimed to be more successful is that the fat cells seem to be more susceptible to extreme cold temperatures. They can be selectively removed at a less painful rate and also be destroyed for good. After receiving a CoolSculpting treatment, individuals can expect to see results after 21 days. Drastic changes may be more noticeable between two to four months.

Ideal Candidates For Cool Sculpting

While CoolSculpting is not the answer for weight-loss in obese patients or an alternative to a healthier lifestyle, it can be ideal for those wanting to get rid of a few fatty areas on their body. It could be ideal for those who have just lost an enormous amount of weight or relatively healthy individuals who need just a little bit of extra help to shaping their body. It can also help them increase their self confidence and raise their self-esteem about their appearance.