Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation - Check Out This New Technique

Fat transfer or fat grafting is one of the newer methods of breast augmentation or reconstruction. Unlike most other breast augmentation methods that involve either saline or silicone breast implants to achieve a larger breast size, this method uses a woman's own fat cells harvested from other areas of the body to increase breast volume.

How It Works

With this type of breast augmentation, fat cells are liposuctioned from other body areas like the hips, thighs or abdomen. The cosmetic surgeon's goal is to preserve the fat cells and not damage them, which is a little bit different and more involved than typical liposuction. The intact fat cells are then injected in small amounts into the base of the breast where they will become established and reproduce. Implants can also be added after the fat grafting.

A special bra has also been developed to aid this procedure. It can be worn for a month or so before the fat grafting and helps to expand existing breast tissue and skin with gentle air pressure or suction. It allows more room for the fat grafting and transfer. According to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women who wore this medical bra nearly doubled their breast size after the procedure.

Ideal Candidates For Fat Grafting Breast Enhancement

Any woman in good overall health, has enough donor fat and wants breast augmentation but doesn't want saline or silicone breast implants may want to consider fat grafting. This method is also often a good choice for women who have had breast cancer and a mastectomy and don't have enough remaining breast tissue to cover an implant. If you're still having treatment for your breast cancer you'll need to wait around six months from your last radiation therapy before you have the cosmetic procedure. You also need to have been cancer-free for a minimum of one year.

Side Effects

With fat grafting there is no chance of rejection since the fat cells are harvested from your own body. It's actually a plus since you get to lose a few inches in one place and gain volume in your breasts. This type of breast augmentation doesn't interfere with mammogram results and you don't have to worry about implant ruptures or displacement.

There is some swelling and slight bruising but the actual procedure takes anywhere from one to three hours and is usually done with local anesthesia. You can resume normal activities in about three days, but as with all breast augmentation you are advised to avoid any heavy lifting or trauma to the chest for at least a month. The full results will be visible in about six months.

There is a possibility that the fat that is injected won't survive or will form small cysts or calcifications in the breast, so be sure to discuss this potential side effect with your cosmetic surgeon before having the procedure.

Fat grafting breast enhancement is a good option for women affected by breast cancer who don't have enough remaining tissue to cover implants. It's also an option for other women who aren't comfortable with implants. The results won't be visible immediately like with breast implants, but you may want to speak with your cosmetic surgeon about the procedure and see if it might be a good fit for you.