Chicago Cosmetic Surgery

Chicago cosmetic surgery options encompass a wide assortment of procedures.  Most cosmetic surgeries are performed by choice and as a way to enhance a person's appearance, although some are done as part of reconstructive surgery after an accident or other disfigurement.  Cosmetic surgery can not only improve your appearance, it can also improve the way you feel about yourself and thus your self esteem, which can have other positive affects on your life. 

Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery available for nearly every body area or part.  Some of the most common procedures performed in Chicago include variations on face lifts (including Botox injections), rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), liposuction, breast augmentation and different types of tummy tucks. 

Other common procedures include a brow lift, buttock lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), dermabrasion and chemical peel for the skin, scar revision, forehead lift, neck lift, mentoplasty (chin surgery), thighplasty (thigh lift), arm lift, hair replacement and removal and laser vein treatment.

How Do They Work?

So how do some of these more common Chicago cosmetic surgery procedures work? With Botox treatments, the injection is placed in the nearby muscles around wrinkles, crow's feet or frown and laugh lines.  Botox numbs or blocks the nerves and prevents the wrinkles from forming.  The pain involved is minimal and doesn't last, while the results are noticeable within a day or two and will last for several months or half a year, depending on the location of the injection.  You can then safely have another Botox treatment.


Facelifts are a much more involved type of cosmetic surgery and intended to improve more severe aging signs.  The technical name for a facelift is a rhytidectomy, and normally persons from age 40 and up opt to have them.  Older men and women can also have the procedure done, but as with any optional surgery you need to be in good health and ideally should have elastic, toned skin to achieve the best results.  A facelift can reduce sagging skin and eliminate many or most wrinkles, but you need to consult with a surgeon about what you expect to look like once the procedure is done. 

Generally you'll be put under local anesthetic and given a sedative so you will be awake, but drowsy and not feel any pain.  For more extensive facelifts, you may be given a general anesthetic and be put out completely.  Incisions are made in up around your temples, ears and in the hairline so scars won't be visible.  Some may also be made under your chin.  The skin and muscle will then be tightened and reshaped, with any extra skin also removed. 

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery may also be performed with a face lift.  This procedure gets rid of drooping eyelids and bags under your eyes by taking out fatty tissue that may have built up and removing excess skin.  The incisions will be in the crease of your eyelid and you will have to wear a bandage for a couple of days afterwards.

Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift will remove sagging skin below your chin and is a pretty involved cosmetic surgery. You may or may not be completely sedated, and it is an outpatient procedure.  Neck lifts will remove sagging sink under your chin by making incisions around your ears and possibly below your chin. The muscle and sink is pulled up and tightened, with excess skin removed and then sutured.  While recovering you'll have to wear a bandage and keep your neck straight and not lift a lot.  After any swelling or bruising, the results of a neck lift are usually pretty pleasing.

Rhinoplasty & Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is also fairly common.  Reshaping the nose can be done for cosmetic reasons or even to fix an injury or breathing issue.  A local anesthetic and sedative will be given, and the surgeon will then either remove bone or cartilage, trim the septum and separate skin to achieve the desired results.  There will be bruising and a splint will have to be worn for a few days to keep the new shape of the nose in place while it heals. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is another very popular, if not the most popular, type of Chicago cosmetic surgery.  Many women opt for implants to increase size or make a more even appearance if one breast is smaller than the other.  Silicone implants have been improved and the chance of leakage is greatly reduced anymore.  There are dozens of different implant choice available, including shape, texture and size.  Silicone is usually considered to look more realistic than saline implants.

For a breast enlargement with silicone implants, you can opt to have your incision below the areola, below your breast or in your armpit.  The silicone implants are pre-filled, while the saline implants are filled afterwards.  Because of that, with saline you can opt to have a bellybutton incision.  In any case, the scars are nearly invisible and the results are immediately visible.

Breast Lift

A breast lift can work for women who don't want enlargement, but rather want to correct a sagging appearance.  This could be due to breast feeding or simply aging.  General anesthesia will be the norm, and incisions will be made under your breasts and around the areola.  any extra skin will be taken off and the entire breast and nipple lifted up.  Sutures and stitches then follow and you'll need to wear a support or surgical bra for a while.  Some swelling and soreness will probably occur and there will be small scars.  But again, the results should be pleasing.


Liposuction is right up there with breast augmentation as one of the top Chicago cosmetic surgeries performed.  Generally, fat is removed by inserting a cannula or small hollow needle into the problem area and suctioning it out.  There will be some dimpling, ridges and bruising created by this method, but they will disappear and the surface will smooth out over time.  This can take a while though, and immediate results may not be evident.


Before the cannula is inserted, the fat is partially dissolved by either injecting epinephrine and lidocane into the area or other local anesthesia or using ultrasonic pulses to dissolve the fat before suctioning it out.  Patients may or may not be put out, depending on the type of liposuction procedure. Some of the typical body areas that are sites for liposuction include the hips, waist, arms, thighs, neck and chin, buttocks and abdomen area.

Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty or a good choice for many patients.  This can help with excess fat and skin in the tummy area but it may leave some noticeable scars.  If exercise or dieting won't remove stubborn fat in that area you may want to consider this procedure.

For a tummy tuck, you'll have either general or local anesthesia and have incisions made both around your naval and from hip to hip. Your abdominal muscles will be pulled up and stitched together tighter and your skin pulled down and stitched tighter.  You'll also get a new belly button out of the procedure.  You can expect to have a longer recovery time and some of the scars and bruising will be noticeable for a while, but results will also be noticeable in a few weeks.


No matter what type of Chicago cosmetic surgery you are considering, just remember to be as informed as possible, find a qualified surgeon to perform the procedure and don't be afraid to ask questions.