Chicago Dermatology

With skin cancer being the number one most common form of cancer in the U.S., the experts in Chicago dermatology play an extremely importantm role in both early detection and treatment.  But dermatology is also often used as a way to improve a person's appearance cosmetically or correct any type of skin problem, condition or imperfection.  There are many highly qualified Chicago dermatologists who can assist in the treatment of not only skin cancer but acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and removal of wrinkles or sun and age spots.

Once you find a Chicago dermatologist who is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and possibly also the American Academy of Dermatology or Chicago Dermatology Society, you can start deciding on what procedures would work best for you.


Many patients who opt for dermatology treatments are searching for a solution to wrinkles or other signs of aging.  Probably the most common wrinkle treatments involve the use of Botox. Many women as well as men have laugh or frown lines and crows feet around their eyes.  Botox injections reduce nerve responses in those facial muscles that create those types of wrinkles and lines which in turn allows the skin to heal and collagen to be replaced naturally by your body.  Botox can also be used in injection form if you have problems with excessive underarm perspiration.

Facial Peels

Another type of widely performed Chicago dermatology treatment is facial peels.  There are several different kinds of peels, and they are used to rejuvenate your skin and promote new skin growth.  Peels can help lessen the scars from acne or other surface imperfections, reduce brown or age spots and reduce lines.  

A simple, not very abrasive peel consists of applying a mixture of mild exfoliating chemicals and often herbal ingredients as well.  The strength of the peel depends upon what skin problem you are addressing.  They are clear in texture and color and are generally left on overnight and then removed.  You can have exfoliation sessions after a couple of days and should notice an improvement in your skin.

Trichloracetic & Acid Peels

Trichloracetic or acid peels are stronger and used to treat deeper skin problems.  There could be some redness after one of these peels but you will have a noticeable improvement in wrinkles, lines and damaged spots and skin.


Exfoliation can also be done by a dermatologist with a type of machine with diamond head tip that gently removes damaged skin and promotes the growth of new, younger looking skin. You will have to have several ongoing treatments which can last up to half an hour and may decide to continue the treatments on an extended basis.

Collagen Replacement

Collagen replacement is a popular procedure as well.  A dermatologist will inject a special formula of serum that encourages natural collagen production and also will use ultrasound treatment to help with the collagen replacement. This will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Laser Resurfacing & Radiofrequency Treatments

Laser resurfacing and radiofrequency treatments are also commonly used types of dermatology procedures.  Radiofrequency also helps to tighten loose skin.  Everything from tattoo removal, redness associated with acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema can be helped with laser treatment.  You will notice that your skin appears more elastic and youthful after the procedure and will only take a few minutes and five or so visits to your dermatologist.   

Your face isn't the only place where a Chicago dermatologist can improve your skin. The appearance of broken blood vessels in the legs can be lessened with laser treatment and even age and brown spots on your hands, legs, chest or other areas can be helped.


With sclerotherapy, the dermatologist will use a small amount of salt water or saline to help reduce enlarged or red leg veins.  This could take more than one visit to the dermatologist and also you will need to wear some support stockings while undergoing the treatments.

Hair Removal

Hair is also addressed by dermatologists and permanent hair removal is possible with laser treatment.  This can be done on the face, underarms, bikini area, legs, arms, chest and back.  Hair removal is a common procedure for both men and women.  It usually only takes from five to ten treatments per area for total and permanent removal.


Whatever type of skin condition or problem you may have, from simple wrinkles to questions about skin cancer, you can get top notch treatment and answers from Chicago dermatology experts.  Skin is the largest organ of your body, so take care of it and find the best dermatologist to help you treat it well.