Exilis Treatments Reduce Skin Wrinkles

Whether you are age 21 or 61, spending countless hours at the gym and counting every calorie may not stop the accumulation of stubborn fatty areas on the body, nor will it decrease the fine lines and wrinkles that gradually appear on the face.

Exilis is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, increasing elasticity and tone. Exilis is also used to reduce the appearance of fat deposits and improve the surrounding skin area,

How Does Exilis Treatment Work?

Exilis is an outpatient procedure which requires no anesthesia. The procedure itself lasts approximately twenty minutes and is considered to be painless, with just a slight warming of the skin.

A unique ultrasound gel is spread over the skin area being treated. The physician then applies the Exilis instrument to the skin, guiding it in a circular pattern. Skin temperature is continually monitored to prevent overheating and patient discomfort.

Utilizing sound waves, also known as radio frequency, the Exilis device delivers short intense heat pulses, which penetrate through multiple skin layers, reaching down through the epidermis to the subcutaneous fat layer beneath. The applied heat triggers collagen tissues to restore and strengthen, which improves skin smoothness and texture.

What Happens After Treatment?

There is no recovery or down time after treatment. The treated area may appear inflamed or discolored, but this should dissipate shortly after the procedure. Normal activity may be resumed immediately.

Some patients see results after two treatments; however most will begin to see real results after about three weeks. Each treatment will continue to reveal improvement as collagen continues contracting for up to three months post procedure.

To reach optimum results, it is advised to begin with four to six treatments, spaced over fourteen days. After the initial procedures are completed and healed, the patient may find regular treatments desirable in order to achieve and maintain the effect. For lasting results it is important to get regular exercise and stick to a healthy diet.

What Will Exilis Treatments Cost?

Most physicians separate areas of the body into treatment zones, and each of these zones will have a separate treatment fee attached. The full cost of one session is determined by the number of zones treated. These areas vary between physicians as each doctor determines their own treatment zones. Average costs per session can range from $250.00 to $500.00, dependent on the number and areas of zones treated.

Would Exilis Be A Good Option For Me?

An ideal candidate is a generally healthy individual carrying no more than 20 or 30 pounds of extra weight, who has no desire for an invasive procedure but wants relief from problem areas and fine wrinkles. The treatment is not recommended for anyone with a lot of excess skin. Exilis also cannot be used as a weight loss program by those considered obese. Obese patients should decrease their weight initially through diet and exercise before consulting for Exilis. Patients with any metal in their body of any kind are not treatable with Exilis. A woman who is pregnant or breast feeding also cannot have Exilis treatments.