Get Sexy, Full Lips With a Lip Augmentation

Having lip augmentation has become one of the more popular facial cosmetic procedures for many women and even some men. Both the upper and lower lips can be augmented at the same time. Fuller lips enhance facial appearance and look more appealing than thin or wrinkled lips. Patients can opt to just have lip augmentation or have it in conjunction with a face lift or other cosmetic enhancement.

How It's Done

When you have lip augmentation, there are a number of fillers that your cosmetic surgeon can use or an implant can be surgically inserted for a permanent fix. The procedure can be done in an surgically equipped cosmetic doctor's office or as an outpatient in a hospital. You will be given a topical anesthesia and can return home or to work right after the procedure, which can last from 30 minutes to two hours.

Types Of Fillers

Human-Based & Synthetic

If your surgeon uses human-based collagen filler like Cymetra or Cosmoderm you shouldn't have an allergic reaction. Some synthetic fillers can cause an allergic reaction, so testing should be done before the procedure. Fat cells that are harvested from your buttocks or other area with small needles are purified and then used as fillers with no allergic reaction.

What To Expect

With human-based collagen or synthetic collagen, your surgeon will numb the lips and inject the collagen with small needles. Your lips may look overfilled at first because extra collagen is injected to compensate for the loss of the filler due to dissipation. The results of injected fillers should last anywhere from one to four months and the procedure can be safely repeated.

Other Types Of Fillers

Another filler often used in lip augmentation is composed of hyaluronic acid. This clear substance contains a carbohydrate that is present in your skin and other tissue, so it normally doesn't produce an allergy or reaction. It also sometimes lasts longer than collagen fillers. Some common brands of this type of filler are Restylane and Juvederm.

Lip Implants

You can also have an implant inserted through a small incision in the lip corners. The implants are so small they are actually injected through a needle. They are usually composed of biocompatible materials. Some common product names are AlloDerm, Gore-Tex and Artefill. With a lip implant, there could be some bleeding and swelling right after the surgery but it should subside in a few days.


Whether you have a lip implant or augmentation by filler, your surgeon will advise you to use cold packs to reduce swelling, keep the area clean, use an antibiotic cream to help prevent infection at the site and eat and talk as little as possible for a couple of days after the procedure.

Potential Risks

Potential risks of having lip augmentation include possible infection, numbness, developing cold sores and having uneven lips or lumps form. In the case of implants, the material could possibly shift, requiring another procedure to correct the uneven appearance.

Procedure Cost

The cost of having lip augmentation is around $350 to $400 each time you have filler injected. With a fat transfer, the cost is higher because the surgeon has to harvest the fat cells, prepare them for injection then perform the actual augmentation. That runs as much as $4,500. Lip implants have a similar cost of $4,500 to $5,000.

If having fuller lips is something you feel would enhance your appearance, a board certified cosmetic surgeon can evaluate you and provide suggestions about which options might work best for you. As with any elective procedure, you should consider the possible risks and potential rewards before making a decision.