How To Plump Up Lips, Smooth Facial Lines With Restylane

Restylane treatments are a recently developed method of cosmetic facial restoration that is non surgical. Restylane injections are relatively new in the United States but have been available to patients in Europe for many years. The treatment involves injecting a filler to smooth out facial wrinkles, fine lines, fill in sunken or hollow spots or plump up lips.

Traditional surgical face lifts usually require a hospital stay and time off work. There will be some scars from incisions, swelling, bruising and pain. With Restylane treatments, there are immediate visible results, no hospital stay, normally no swelling or any of the other side effects of invasive cosmetic facial procedures.

Cosmetic Uses For Restylane

The FDA approved Restylane injections in 2003 as a facial wrinkle and line treatment. Other cosmetic uses of Restylane include contouring areas of the face such as around the mouth and the cheeks to create a more balanced appearance. Injections can help fill in sunken areas beneath the eyes or nose. Restylane can also be used to help smooth out laugh lines around the mouth. Restylane can be used to enhance or augment the lips, although long term studies have not been documented about this method of use.

Advantages Of Restylane

The big advantage to using Restylane over other injected fillers is that Restylane is a natural substance and poses much less risk of allergic reactions. It also lasts a bit longer than many other fillers. Restylane was developed by a Swedish company and is made of hyaluronic acid that is biodegradable. Because it is a naturally occurring acid, our bodies will simply degrade it over a period of time and it will not leave any harmful chemicals behind in the tissues or skin.

How It Works

Restylane injections are in gel form and work by increasing the volume of the tissue beneath the skin. According to the manufacturer, Restylane is unique because it is the only injected filler that will bind with water molecules in the tissue and create a more natural, smooth look while reducing wrinkles and lines.

Patients who receive Restylane injections can usually expect to have positive results for around half a year. One injection will normally be enough to create a visible result, although the injections can be safely repeated as needed over time.

Ideal Candidates For Restylane Treatments

Ideal potential candidates for Restylane injections are men and women who have mild or moderate wrinkles and lines around the mouth and nose or who want a natural, biodegradable lip augmentation. This form of non surgical facial cosmetic treatment is also ideal for patients who don't need a face lift but show some signs of aging.

Find A Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon

Because this is a relatively new procedure, it's important to find a cosmetic surgeon or technician who has experience with Restylane injections and can answer any questions you have. Be sure to ask how long the surgeon or technician has been giving the injections, if he or she has had any cases where adverse reactions occurred and what steps will be taken if you should be one of the few patients to have a reaction to the injections.

Some surgeons may even have before and after pictures of previous patients who have had Restylane treatments so you can see how well it worked on other people. You have to remember though, that each patient will have different levels of positive results simply because of the natural physical differences in skin color, texture, elasticity and healing response. No surgeon or technician can predict exactly the level of improvement youíll get with your injection, but you can realistically expect to have a positive improvement after even one Restylane injection.

Possible Side Effects

While there have been very few patients who have had side effects or bad reactions to Restylane treatments, there is always the possibility of that happening. Even if they do happen, they normally subside in a matter of a few days. Those rare but potential side effects could include some swelling, bruising, red skin or pain in the injection site.

As more advances are made in non surgical face lift procedures, more women and men are opting to undergo treatments to slow down the visible effects of facial aging such as wrinkles, lines, sun damage or sagging skin. The first step is to discuss treatment options with your cosmetic surgeon and find out if Restylane treatments would be beneficial to you.