Frequently Asked Questions About Asian Eyelid Surgery

What It Is & Why It's Performed

Upper eyelid surgery is one of the most popular forms of aesthetic plastic surgery in Asia and among the Asians who live in the United States. Most Asians want to have the upper lid crease which makes them appear to have a larger eyelid opening. Asian women also prefer this surgery because it makes it easier for them to apply their eye make-up.

What It Can Achieve

In the population of Asians, about 50% are born with a fold in the area above the eyelashes while the other 50% doesnít have the fold. To correct this, Asians may opt to have Asian Eyelid Surgery known as Asian Blepharoplasty. This type of surgery can help create a crease that appears natural-looking.

The eyes of Caucasians and Asians are actually very different. Caucasian eyes are about 20% larger than the Asian eyelid crease. It is not an Asianís goal to look more like a Caucasian when having Asian Eyelid Surgery. He/she only wants a more natural look and crease. The eyelids of Caucasians taper closer to the eyelashes and folds out laterally in a ìU-shape.î In an Asian eyelid, the crease is very close to the eyelashes and gets further away from the nose. It then gets larger and larger until it reaches the midpoint of the pupil where the fold runs parallel to the origin of the eyelash.

Before The Procedure

Before surgery, patients will need to consult with the surgeon to discuss their options and decide if Asian Eyelid Surgery is appropriate for them. He/she may have them look at different photos to get an idea of what the patient needs and wants. The surgeon will then explain the operation and what the patient can expect before and afterwards.

How It's Done

So what exactly happens during Asian Eyelid Surgery and how does a surgeon create the extra crease? The Asian Eyelid surgery is typically done as an outpatient. An extra crease is created by removing a small amount of excessive skin (sometimes more skin may need to be removed depending on the patient), some tissue under the skin and a small amount of fat pads. It requires a lot of technical skills and attention to detail to create the actual Asian eyelid crease. The incision must heal together in a unique fashion which creates the crease itself.


After the Asian Eyelid Surgery has been completed, the crease should appear to be slightly higher. It will take about one to two months before the crease takes its ideal shape and size. Sometimes insurance may pay for the procedure if the there is vision problems because of the lack of a crease.

Most patients will recover at home after receiving Asian Eyelid Surgery. It is advised that anybody considering this type of surgery to discuss their options with a physician and do an over-all health check before attempting the procedure. If a patient wishes for a larger eyelid opening and an additional crease, then Asian Eyelid Surgery may be an option for them.