Lifestyle Lift

A Lifestyle Lift is a new procedure that has received mixed reviews. The procedure was developed just a few years ago by a board certified facial plastic surgeon and is now performed across the U.S. by surgeons who work for the Lifestyle Lift company. The procedure is similar to a SMAS or sub or superficial muscular and aponeurtoic system facelift, and there has been some controversy about the company's marketing claims and numerous lawsuits have been filed by patients dissatisfied with results.

If you are thinking about having a Lifestyle Lift, take into consideration the potential side effects, potential positive results and if possible, talk with someone who has actually had the procedure before making your decision.

What A Lifestyle Lift Does

A Lifestyle Lift is supposed to target the lower half or third of the face, reducing wrinkles and tightening loose skin. The neck can also be addressed and loose skin removed from there as well. Liposuction can be used to remove fat. If you opt for anything but the basic lift, you will have to have more than one procedure.

The Procedure

A Lifestyle Lift is performed under local anesthesia and often in one of the company doctor's clinics, not an accredited hospital or medical facility. An incision will be made along your hairline at the temple, down in front of each ear and then behind each ear. The loose skin is then pulled up and any excess is cut away. The superficial muscles are pulled up, tightened and held in place with sutures.

The procedure is advertised as only taking an hour, but often takes at least two to three hours to complete. You will be allowed to go home after the surgery and the company claims you can return to work and normal activities in a week, but that depends on your individual healing response and surgery experience. It could take two or more weeks to return to work.

Possible Side Effects

Any type of facial cosmetic surgery can have unwanted side effects and potential risks such as infection, scarring, bleeding, swelling and bruising. Additionally, certain types of health conditions may increase your risk of developing complications or disqualify you from this type of surgery. Be sure to disclose all of your medical history before opting to have this or any cosmetic surgery.

Things To Consider

While there are patients who have had positive results and experiences with Lifestyle Lifts, it's important to note that complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau and other agencies about this trademarked procedure and its parent company. The main complaints involve overstated results and having non board certified medical personnel performing part or all of the procedure.

It's extremely important to find a board certified cosmetic surgeon to perform any type of procedure, and even more so if that procedure has been the subject of some controversy. There are many satisfied patients who have had different types of facelifts, so do some serious research to insure you get the best results for yourself.