September 4, 2012 – The term body contouring or body sculpting brings to mind creating perfect curves and eliminating love handles and other fat. But in reality, body sculpting or contouring is about restoring some balance to areas where traditional dieting and exercising aren’t peeling off the pounds. It’s also about tightening up lose skin. What it isn’t about is large-scale weight loss. That being said, let’s go over some of the minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery options when it comes to body contouring.

According to a recent article in the ASAPS newsletter, the editor of Bon Appetit magazine tried some of the newest radio frequency (RF) wave treatment methods of melting fat and tightening skin. Having to sample so much food in her job made body contouring appealing even though she exercised regularly.

The article stated that the editor focused on minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments that melted fat and had fairly long-lasting results. She tried CoolSculpting, which uses very cold temperatures to break down fat, which is then flushed naturally from the body. It worked pretty well for her and is one of the few cold methods of fat removal.

The editor also tried Exilis, which is an RF wave method of melting fat cells and also tightens your skin. The article pointed out that Exilis is good for removal of fat under the arms or in the stomach area, but that fat will form again if you don’t eat a healthy diet.

The Exilis treatments worked well for her, even though she did feel some heat and asked for it to be reduced during some sessions. She had six Exilis treatments in two months, lost two inches around her waist and after five months the results were still there.

Another minimally-invasive body shaping method she tried was Apollo TriPollar, which is advertised as the newest and only RF method that uses three tips in the applicator. The magazine editor lost an amazing inch in under 30 minutes. Apollo is also supposed to encourage new collagen production, but you can’t expect to keep the results if you keep eating an unhealthy diet.

There are several other methods of body contouring, both invasive and minimally-invasive. If you believe you could benefit from this type of cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in the specific procedure that interests you.

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