March 28, 2012 – Okay, we aren’t saying that you can increase the size of your breasts with
Botox, but we are going to tell you about a new breast augmentation procedure that uses Botox to speed up healing and reduce pain after augmentation surgery.

This new Botox-assisted breast augmentation was one of several new breast augmentation techniques profiled in an article in Shape Magazine. A cosmetic surgeon in New York City developed the procedure. He simply injects Botox into the chest muscle before any breast implant is inserted. The Botox reduces muscle spasms that usually happen for a period of time after implants are placed. It also helps to eliminate post-operative pain.

Another benefit to the Botox injections during a breast implant is that the implants have a better chance to settle into place since the chest muscles aren’t spasming. This can dramatically cut down the “settling in” period. Normally it takes three to four months but with Botox, the implants can settle in within three to four weeks.

Interestingly, an injectable filler called Macrolane is a hit as a breast augmentation option in Europe and Mexico. The article states that it’s a lot like Restylane, a filler used here in the U.S. The difference is that Macrolane was developed for use as a body filler or shaping substance. The results of using it for breast augmentation can last for as long as a year, but the FDA hasn’t cleared it for use in cosmetic surgery in the United States.

Anyone considering having cosmetic surgery should always be aware of new procedures, products and check back here often for the latest news and updates.

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