July 17, 2012 – LipoTron 3000 sounds like the name of a sci-fi movie, right? With a creative writer it probably could be turned into a low budget film, but actually LipoTron 3000 is a new medical device used as a non-invasive form of fat and cellulite removal. The only problem is that LipoTron 3000 isn’t FDA approved but it’s being used in medical spas all over the U.S.

According to an article in Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, the manufacturer (RevecoMED) of LipoTron 3000 went ahead and sold the device to medical spas in the U.S. before receiving FDA approval. To be fair, RevecoMED did try twice to get the device approved and even filed for approval as a massager when the medical classification was denied.

But the fact is that for whatever reason, the FDA hasn’t approved it and hasn’t stopped RevecoMED from selling it to spas for $85,000 over the past two years.

LipoTron 3000 is marketed as an alternative to the more invasive cosmetic surgery procedure of liposuction. LipoTron 3000 works by using radiowaves to penetrate the skin without incisions or needles and deliver heat to fat cells, melting them and letting the body naturally flush them out.

Sounds like a lot of other devices out there, right? Yes, it does. But LipoTron 3000 seems to have pretty good results and the big selling point is that there is supposed to be no scarring or bruising as with traditional liposuction.

The article went on to state that there have been cases where patients were mildly shocked by the device or received minor burns on their skin, but no serious reports of injury. Those few cases may be what’s keeping the FDA from approving the device, but there is no explaination as to why the FDA doesn’t take action to stop the manufacturer from selling it or spas from using it.

So if you go to a medical spa and they offer you a LipoTron 3000 session, just remember that it isn’t FDA approved.

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