August 21, 2012 – Maybe you’re starting to see a few more lines and facial wrinkles than you used to, but you aren’t ready for a cosmetic surgery procedure like a facelift. Maybe you aren’t even ready for soft-tissue fillers. But if you’ve heard about a new trend of facial and neck exercises that can help reduce wrinkles and are wondering if they work, read on to find out.

According to a recent article published by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), the answer is no. They base the negative response on the fact that there are no studies to support the theory that face and neck muscle exercises help to reduce wrinkles. Also, the muscles around your mouth, eyes and forehead all work together and you use them every day. That means they aren’t weakened by lack of use, so using them more probably isn’t going to make a difference.

The ASAPS article does go on to say that face and neck muscle exercises could possibly create a subtle improvement in your facial appearance, but nothing dramatic. Neck exercises are probably the most beneficial because they could strengthen neck mucles and skin tone beneath your chin. You’d have to exercise those muscles at least three times a day to see any improvement though, according to the article. So doing “chin sit-ups” may tone your neck the same way traditional sit-ups tone your stomach muscles.

Face and neck muscle exercises may not be a quick fix for wrinkles and lines and won’t produce a noticeable change the way Botox injections or soft-tissue fillers would. But you can try them and see if it makes a difference. If one of the exercises involves smiling more, you may at least lift your mood, if not any lose skin!

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