April 10, 2012 – Recovery time for any type of surgery varies from patient to patient, whether it’s after cosmetic surgery or non-elective surgery. But there are some factors other than individual healing response time that can play a part in how quickly you recover or whether you have any complications. According to a study printed in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, being overweight can slow down your recovery after cosmetic surgery.

The study followed two groups of patients who had cosmetic surgery. The data was collected from more than 8,000 patients over 5 years. One group was overweight and the other normal weight. Procedures these patients had varied from breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction and breast reconstruction.

After 30 days post-surgery, 18.3% of the overweight patients reported minor complications as opposed to just 2.2% of the normal weight patients reporting problems. Overweight patients also reported inflammation 22 times more often and pain 11 times more often.

The main reasons given as to why overweight patients are more likely to experience more inflammation and pain after cosmetic surgery are that fatty tissue doesn’t have as good a blood supply and any incisions often have to be deeper.

This information isn’t intended to discourage anyone from having cosmetic surgery. With over 64% of the U.S. population considered overweight, it’s an issue for the majority of us. The information in the study is just a good reminder to ask your cosmetic surgeon about whether or not being overweight can affect your recovery time.

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