August 14, 2012 – Does the Facelift Bungee really work? Before we can answer that question we should probably tell you what it is in case you haven’t already heard of it. The Facelift Bungee is supposed to be a non-surgical alternative to having a facelift. It consists of two combs and an elastic bungee cord, according to a recent article in Facial Aesthetic Surgery News. It only costs about $25 dollars and is sold in a jar, making it almost appear to be a facial cream instead of a device.

The Facelift Bungee is supposed to work by pulling up the loose skin of your face using your own hair, combs and a bungee cord. It does this by having the user make a small braid of their hair on each temple, slide on of the combs into one braid, stretch the bungee cord around the back of the head and slide the other comb into the other braid on the opposite side. You then pull some hair over the cord in back to cover it and that’s about it.

The article goes on to quote an ABC News interview with the Facelift Bungee creator, Kimberly Aschauer who claims it can be put in in 30 seconds and removed in 10 seconds. She states that she created the Facelift Bungee because she needed some facial rejuvenation before her son’s wedding but couldn’t afford a traditional facelift.

There have been women who rave about this product and some who haven’t used it but say they don’t see any difference in the before and after photographs of women who are using it. One downside is that the pulling of your braids may cause a headache, according to one review in the article.

We aren’t endorsing or debunking the Facelift Bungee, just letting you know it hit the markets and some are touting it as an inexpensive and non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. There are always products that claim to produce results similar to cosmetic surgery but without the cost and downtime, but not all of them live up to their claims. Only you can decide for yourself about the Facelift Bungee, so don’t make a snap decision!

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