November 12, 2012 – We’ve talked quite a bit about fat grafting, especially fat transfer breast augmentation. We’ve also talked about the new stem cell facelift, which hasn’t been clinically tested or had enough research done to have proven results. But a recent article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and highlighted in Medical Xpress News states that stem cells derived from fat grafting may have potential as anti-aging treatments and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

The article says that adipose-derived stem cells, which are adult stem cells found in fat tissue, can be harvested and potentially used for regenerative procedures. Researchers are working on methods to modify these fat-derived stem cells and using them to repair damaged organs like the heart or brain as well as bones, muscles, skin, tissues and blood vessels since they can be trained to convert into many other types of tissue. They are also exploring how the fat-derived stem cells affect the aging process and how they may be able to slow it down.

Besides fat transfer breast augmentation, fat grafting can be used for lip augmentation, as a dermal filler for facial rejuvenation and for other body sculpting and cosmetic surgery procedures. But now it’s possible that one day there may be procedures where fat-derived stem cells are used as an anti-aging treatment that can repair the damage that naturally occurs over time.

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