June 24, 2013 – In previous posts we’ve talked about how the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as well as other respected medical organizations have warned against cosmetic surgery tourism. It’s certainly possible to have a less-then-optimum cosmetic surgery experience in your home country, but traveling abroad often increases that risk, and traveling after certain cosmetic surgery procedures often isn’t good for the recovery process.

Going to a foreign country to get cosmetic surgery at a cheaper price also isn’t advisable because other countries often don’t have the same medical standards as we do in the U.S., it’s hard to check the accreditation of doctors and hospitals and you’re a long way from home if complications happen. That being said, a recent study highlighted in a Medical Express article claims that cosmetic surgery tourism may not be as bad as the press has made it out to be.

The article states that a two year study was conducted by the University of Leeds and followed over 100 cosmetic surgery patients and 100 people employed in the cosmetic surgery field. The patients came from the United Kingdom, China and Australia. The patients were of average income and their primary reason for traveling to another country for cosmetic surgery was getting a cheaper rate.

Interestingly, the study claims that 98% of those patients who traveled to a foreign country for cosmetic surgery had a good experience and would do it again. The study also claimed that many of those patients benefited from the pre-surgery tests that uncovering and treating health issues that the patients didn’t know they had.

The study also found that most patients chose a foreign cosmetic surgeon by reading recommendations from other patients on Facebook. Advertising by cosmetic surgeons or cosmetic facilities didn’t influence their decision. And the lure of a tropical destination or vacation wasn’t as important as the quality of care or the experience and qualifications of the surgeon.

Some of the cosmetic surgery procedures the people in the survey traveled abroad for include rhinoplasty, tummy tucks,
breast lifts, facelifts and hair transplants.

No matter where you have cosmetic surgery performed, you should only trust your body to a board-certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon. Saving money up front may cost you in the long run, and it could also cost you your heath.

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