December 3, 2012 – Back in the spring we talked about how the demand for cosmetic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction tends to pick up around March and continue through about June. That’s because men and women want their bodies to look their best before putting on a bathing suit and hitting the beach or even just to look good in more revealing summer clothing. But the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons recently published an article stating that there are valid reasons why fall and winter may be the ideal time to schedule cosmetic surgery.

The first reason they gave is that during colder months you are less active and having downtime for recovery is less frustrating than when the weather is warm and you want to go outside. Also, bulky winter clothing can hide bandages or scars until they come off or fade.

The second reason the ASAPS gives for scheduling cosmetic surgery during fall and winter is that it can give you the opportunity, or excuse if you will, to have a stay at home vacation. Your recovery time can be “me” time when you get to just stay home, read a book or two you’ve been wanting to, call and catch up with friends or just enjoy a slower pace for a few days.

Giving cosmetic surgery as a gift is becoming more popular, and husbands and wives, mothers and daughters often go in together to have procedures at the same time. The holiday season is perfect for gift-giving, so that can make having cosmetic surgery during fall and winter even more appealing.

Just remember that no matter what time of year you have cosmetic surgery, make sure your surgeon is board-certified and has experience in the procedure you plan on having.

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