June 26, 2012 – When it comes to facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgeons evidentally aren’t good at reading their patient’s faces or minds. According to an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, cosmetic surgeons believe cost is more important to patients than results and that isn’t always the case. In fact, a recent survey showed that most patients value lasting results over quick fixes when it comes to facial rejuvenation.

The ASJ survey found that even though there has been an increase in non-surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face, patients still want results that last. Cost is an issue, and the survey pointed out that more men and women are putting off having major procedures like a facelift, instead opting for
less expensive procedures like soft tissue fillers or Botox injections. But even with those less costly cosmetic surgery procedures, patients are making sure they get the most bang for their buck and picking the ones with the longest-lasting results.

The survey data found that 53% of the patients polled said that cost influenced their decision about which facial rejuvenation procedure to have. About 59% said they would probably delay haveing a procedure for at least a year and 32% said they would have less expensive procedures like dermal fillers or microdermabrasion in the meantime.

But a whopping 95% responded that they prefer facial treatments that have long-lasting results over a quick fix that had immediately visible results. And 60% said that how long the results of the procedure lasted was more important than the cost.

However, the survey showed that 82% of the cosmetic surgeons polled thought that patients wanted procedures that had immediate results that would last about a year rather than less dramatic results that would last longer (up to two years). And 63% of the cosmetic surgeons polled also mistakenly believe that patients value cost over lasting results.

So if you’re considering some form of cosmetic surgery for facial rejuvenation, be sure your surgeon understands your preferences and expectations so he or she can help you make the best decision about which procedure to have.

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