April 24, 2012 – Are you thinking about having breast augmentation but aren’t sure what size implants would look the best? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to reshape your nose or have a chin implant but would like to see how you’d look before you commit to the surgery. Now you can get the best preview currently available with VECTRA 3D imaging.

VECTRA 3D imaging allows people considering cosmetic surgery to see 3D images of how they would most likely look after a procedure. This kind of realistic imaging is great for both patients and cosmetic surgeons because it can give the patient a realistic view of what a procedure will look like specifically on them. Seeing potential expected results is always better than trying to visualize it your mind. It can eliminate the possibility of dissatisfaction if a patient can see beforehand how their appearance will change.

The 3 dimensional view can show several different angles of the face, neck and chest. It’s ideal for showing expected results from rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, other facial cosmetic surgery or breast augmentation. The system uses 6 photographs to create the 3D image and can even overlay your before and after pictures so you can really compare the changes.

Finding a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your procedure is the most critical first step, but if he or she has this new VECTRA 3D imaging system you can really see into the future and get a look at your new you!

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