June 3, 2013 – The cost of having cosmetic surgery can vary widely, with many factors being an influence. Geographical location, the size of the surgical center where the procedure is being performed and the discretion of the cosmetic surgeon are just a few of the things that determine plastic surgery cost. While you should always be wary of discount cosmetic surgery, you may be able to trim cost with non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty.

A recent HealthNews Digest article used rhinoplasty or nose reshaping as an example of one cosmetic surgery procedure that has a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional surgery. In some cases, dermal or soft-tissue fillers can be used by an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon instead of invasive rhinoplasty. Keep reading and we’ll give you more details as outlined by the article.

Traditional surgical rhinoplasty can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000. The results are permanent and there can be health benefits as well, such as being able to breath better through your nose. You have more options in terms of shaping with traditional rhinoplasty as well.

But traditional rhinoplasty also means you’ll have to have anesthesia, will probably have a week or more of recovery time and limited activity as well as some swelling and bruising.

The dermal filler alternative to rhinoplasty usually costs from $550 to $1,500. The benefits of this minimally-invasive alternative to nose reshaping are that there is no recovery time, you won’t have to have anesthesia, little to no swelling and it’s a quick fix for small reshaping.

The downside to using dermal fillers for nose reshaping is that you can’t make major changes to the shape of your nose, you’ll have to have the procedure repeated every year and it won’t improve the airflow in your nasal passages. And while having dermal fillers for nose reshaping instead of traditional rhinoplasty may cost less at first, it can add up to a large sum if repeated every year over a long period of time.

Consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon is the first step in deciding whether to have dermal fillers for nose reshaping or traditional rhinoplasty, so find an experienced professional to help you look your best with the procedures that’s best for you.

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