October 22, 2012 – One cosmetic surgery procedure that has been in the press a lot lately is body contouring. But body contouring isn’t a procedure all on its own. It’s actually used to describe several cosmetic surgery procedures that are used to improve body shape and eliminate excess fat and loose skin. But what cosmetic surgery procedures fall into the category of body contouring? Read on to get the answers.

A recent article in the latest issue of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) newsletter listed the most common cosmetic surgery procedures that are used for body contouring. Liposuction is probably at the top of the list. It’s used to remove areas of fat on the body that don’t respond to dieting or exercising. It should be noted that liposuction is an invasive procedure that will require quite a bit of downtime though.

A tummy tuck, which is also called abdominoplasty, is another invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that goes into the body contouring category. There are several types of tummy tucks, from mini to full, and most cosmetic surgeons have computer imaging programs that can give you an idea of how you’ll look after this procedure. Again, there is downtime after a tummy tuck, so be sure to speak with your surgeon about the aftercare and recovery time.

There are also many non-invasive forms of body contouring, most of them using hot or cold lasers. Cool Sculpting, Zerona and Thermage a just a few examples of laser body contouring that tightens and helps reduce cellulite.

Body contouring isn’t a single procedure, but rather a group of cosmetic surgery procedures that are used to create a more aesthetically pleasing body shape. And remember that the results of these procedures are best when performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has experience performing them.

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