April 4, 2012 – Even though there have been fantastic improvements in the quality and safety of breast implants, it’s still recommended that women have an MRI every three years to monitor silicone implants for silent ruptures. Displacement Technique Mammography is often used for saline implants, and regular mammograms are still used as well. Now high-resolution ultrasound may be the best method for monitoring silicone breast implants.

The FDA has always advised women to have an MRI every three years to check for implant ruptures. But in recent PRweb press release from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, high-resolution ultrasound imaging is said to provide excellent views of implants in patients.

The advantages of having an ultrasound screening over an MRI are that the ultrasound is portable and a trained surgeon can use it, it’s less expensive than an MRI, it’s better for patients who dislike the closed-in feeling of an MRI and you get immediate views of the implants as the ultrasound device is moved over the implant area.

If you have breast implants you may want to speak with your cosmetic surgeon about having a high-resolution ultrasound in place of an MRI if the option is available in your area.

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